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New Paper in American Journal of Transportation and Logistics

My colleague and I and a student recently published a new paper in the American Journal of Transportation and Logistics.  You can see it below.  The paper is based on a presentation made at the International Association of Maritime Economists’ 2017 annual meeting in Japan.

The paper is about Ocean Trading Intermediaries (OTI’s) and their distribution across the US. The data came from the Federal Maritime Commission’s lists of registered US and foreign OTIs, which includes Ocean Freight Forwarders and Non Vessel Owning Ocean Carriers.  WE discuss the history, legal framework, and current conditions facing OTIs and make special reference to the Chicago area, in which a cluster of these businesses has arisen.

We used statistical cluster analysis to show that despite the belief that ocean freight forwarding is becoming more technology driven and thus able to locate anywhere, the businesses still choose to form clusters in major ports.

AJTL logo   via Built to Last? The Changing Role of Ocean Transportation Intermediaries: Disintermediation and Reintermediation – eSciPub Journals: Open Access Peer Reviewed Journals

You can get the pdf here.  AJTL-2018-01-0201 published

How to cite this article:
Christopher Clott. Built to Last? The Changing Role of Ocean Transportation Intermediaries: Disintermediation and Reintermediation.  American
Journal of Transportation and Logistics, 2018,1:5.


Carrier reliability reaches new nadir in Q1

Ocean carriers need to worry big time. If they cannot fix the reliability problem they will soon be pre-empted by those who do.

Intra-Asia specialist MCC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Maersk Group, achieved a highly commendable monthly average on-time reliability of 75.2% in Q1

75% is not acceptable in supply chains, though it is called highly commendable. That means most are worse!!!

Anyone who offers premium service (like Amazon two-day) which is highly reliable will soon get all the business.   Maybe bespoke services with premium standard delivery will steal all the business. It can work both ways, too. Some 3PLs may be moved to partner with the premium services to boost volumes and guarantee better reliability.

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Blockchain Currency Ready for Container Shipping

Here is a well written story on the 300cubits ICO blockchain offering coming up.  It gives some of the philosophy behind their idea.

Maritime Executive Logo  The Hong Kong-based company 300cubits aims to partially replace U.S. dollars in the container shipping industry with a token soon to be launched on

Source: Blockchain Currency Ready for Container Shipping