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EC clears the way for Maersk takeover of Hamburg Süd – The Loadstar

Maersk is one step closer to its proposed merger with Hamburg Sud. It required an agreement for Hamburg Sud to drop out of five other alliances it was a part of when the deal closes, possibly by the end of 2017.  Radical reorganization of the alliances is going to play havoc with shippers’ plans, of course, and require new contracts all around.  The transaction costs to shippers will be substantial.  And no one will defray this burden, unless Maersk and the other alliances cut rates accordingly to help convince shippers to go through the change.

Long term it might benefit shippers.  But in the shorter run it’s hard to see how.

There are still four countries that need to approve the deal, so it will be a while before we learn all the fallout from the merger.

Source: EC clears the way for Maersk takeover of Hamburg Süd – The Loadstar

Shipbrokers expect rush of 18,000-TEU orders

Since P3 route costs will drop, other loops afre rushing to catch up by building 14,000 and 18,000 TEU ships.  These won’t go through the Panama Canal, so I bet it’s back to the LA/LB port scenario.

Shipbrokers expect rush of 18,000-TEU orders to match P3 slot costs | Shipping Tribune.

IMO | Day of the Seafarer 2013

June 25 is the day of the seafarer. It’s a day to commemorate the dedication and concern seafarers show for their customers, their world, and their fellow human beings.  IMO | Day of the Seafarer 2013.  Please comment on how seafaring has made humanity better!