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Maersk’s forwarder move could be abuse of its dominant position, says Clecat

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks Maersk is staking out a monopoly position, discriminating against forwarders.

I think Maersk and others are in danger of killing off forwarders, and also customers. Larger customers will look at private transport. Small customers will mistrust Maersk’s platform, and evaluate its performance against the others out there, such as DP World’s. So it better work lots better than the others, not likely an advantage that can be sustained for long, nor for every type of customer. Many forwarders have end-to-end booking platforms.

I bet even large forwarders will start chartering ships if current price conditions for container shipments continue for long, like till Spring 2023.

And actually, I did not have to wait long. IN THE SAME LOADSTAR, on 10/22/2021, I found the second article.

By Nick Savvides 22/10/2021

Maersk’s forwarder move could be abuse of its dominant position, says Clecat – The Loadstar

UK forwarder turns the tide on container lines with direct China-UK service – The Loadstar

Maersk looks set to cut out freight forwarders to attract larger BCOs

Well, who would have guessed! Once Maersk built out its systems for booking shipments, it’s natural they would be cutting out forwarders. It’s what forwarders have been saying was going to happen for a while. and with Tradelens, Maersk can offer tracking, but also without involving forwarders.

This upstream cannibalism of customers may work for Maersk. They have worked very hard building their systems to make booking happen. And they are large enough to have a bit of market power over some forwarders.

But so much of all container lines’ traffic comes from forwarders. That part will go down, and more than it might, because forwarders will be bent out of shape and angry at having customers pirated.

I think it most hurts the littler guys, though, both forwarders and shippers.

But doesn’t Maersk have to focus on getting the ships to run on time? Blanking sailings and ships piling up outside ports are indicators of serious supply chain flaws. It would be more important for Maersk and other liner firms to do something about those issues.

Prices cannot continue to be through the roof as they are now, with containers not available or in the wrong place for cargo, or not being able to be moved, without crippling ocean container shipping in the long run.

By Nick Savvides 20/10/2021

Maersk looks set to cut out freight forwarders to attract larger BCOs – The Loadstar

What Does the Future Hold for Freight Forwarders?

Here is some interesting speculation about freight forwarders’ futures.  There’s a study the information is based on , and I’ve provided it below in pdf form.

The freight forwarding market is going through a structural change with logistics stakeholders needing far more visibility into their supply chain in 2016.

Source: What Does the Future Hold for Freight Forwarders? – Supply Chain 24/7

This article from the same source tells a bit about the study and its conclusions.  Here is the pdf.