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Metro Monitor 2018

This article discusses differences between cities and sectors around the country in terms of economics and demographics.  The authors show that economic divides are increasing between geographic areas.  There are a great many numbers which show these trends. Authors are Chad ShearerIsha ShahAlec Friedhoff, and Alan Berube;  and date is 

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Geographic gaps are widening in U.S. as economic growth increases

This is a quite interesting article on the distribution of economic development in the US.  It says we have to start doing something about the ill distribution to a few highly urbanized areas that are often based on high tech industries.

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American Airlines glitch leaves 15,000 Christmas flights without a captain

Got this story by way of the Loadstar.

Reading the story I am impressed by the level of incompetence management showed. But in the view of the traveler (customer) the union will be blamed. So more anti-union sentiment will be generated.

In this case it is clearly a management mess-up.  Why shouldn’t the union call them out?  Why should the union go overboard to help management out of the mess? Why should temporary and part time workers get overtime pay for standard hours (for airline crews) in violation of the union contract?

What customers see is a flight that is canceled. If management says “It’s the union’s fault!” it would be lying.  Laying blame on the union is not fair.

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