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Geographic gaps are widening in U.S. as economic growth increases

This is a quite interesting article on the distribution of economic development in the US.  It says we have to start doing something about the ill distribution to a few highly urbanized areas that are often based on high tech industries.

screenshot-www.brookings.edu 2018-01-25 13-18-03-392   via Geographic gaps are widening while U.S. economic growth increases

Cities seek deliverance from e-commerce boom

An eye-opening article via The Loadstar. Over 17% of urban congestion is delivery trucks. The USPS now delivers 5.1 billion packages a year. That is over 10 packages each.

I know I am responsible for a lot more than that.

The source article is below.

Source: Cities seek deliverance from e-commerce boom – The Loadstar

  It’s the flip-side to the “retail apocalypse:” A siege of delivery trucks is threatening to choke cities with traffic. But not everyone agrees on what to do about it.

Source: How Cities Are Coping With the Delivery Truck Boom – CityLab

Traditional Supply Chains’ Radical Transformation

By 2025 this study thinks that supply chains will radically transform themselves.  The survey by Deloitte and MHI is summarized in the graphic below from the article.  Increased use of emerging technologies will be a prime investment area.

I am delighted to see that inventory planning and optimization is again in ascendancy.  That’s my field of course!

MHI & Deloitte Study: Traditional Supply Chains to Undergo Radical Transformation By 2025 – Supply Chain 24/7.

You can download the study free by signing up for it at Supply Chain 24/7.

Or here:  MHI_industry_report_2015

Download the 2015 MHI Annual Industry Report