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JB Hunt offering new drop-and-hook service

JB Hunt is a powerhouse in managed logistics. Offering a drop and hook service seems like a reasonable thing to do.  Many firms have yard space to keep a spare trailer, and it allows them to load it on their own time instead of waiting for the truck to show up.

In my experience int he telecom equipment business, this was a big deal. We were always loading up to midnight, but sometimes had to wait for drivers to arrive. Or the drivers had to set aside the time to appear so the trailer could be loaded, and wait in a queue.  It would have changed our whole production system to be able to load the trailers, even a few, in advance.   In fact, we could have loaded a couple trailers with generic equipment that could be customized on site in case there were last minute orders; we were always looking to grab as many orders before quarter close that we could.

Having warehouse workers work at odd hours for truck arrivals is difficult for operators.  And drivers would appreciate the convenience as well.

Shortly in the future, paperwork will be able to be handled electronically as well, son the driver would just need to grab and go.  The right clients will make this work well.

Hunt has an astute management team and is a frequent adopter of new ideas in logistics. 2018-01-29 09-45-53-153

via JB Hunt announces new drop-and-hook service with 500 trailers | Supply Chain Dive


Six operators join to form the UK’s largest logistics company

Alex Lennane has written in the Loadstar about the merger or assimilation of six UK diverse logistics firms under one management.  Perhaps this is what’s necessary to get firms to work together– a bigger hammer.  If they cannot learn to do it on their own, let’s put them together under one management.

However, this approach is fraught with issues. Most mergers do not reach the state of grace they envisioned, because of resistance to change within.  And much of the value of a firm is in its people, and their skills at dealing with the countless exceptions that mark any business.   Another is the heterogeneity of the businesses– every firm in a merger thinks their way of doing something has to work that way for them.  It might not be true, or it might, but even thinking it draws boundaries that can take considerable effort to crack.

We will have to see if this new management structure generates rewards the size the PE firm expects.  Of course if they just make something big enough to sell publicly with temporary results, that will be enough for them to make their money and pass the risk on.


via PE firm puts six operators together to form the UK’s largest logistics company – The Loadstar

How to cash in on ELDs

I saw this thanks to 2018-01-29 09-45-53-153. It makes the point that use of a good ELD in trucks forces everyone– the firm, the trucker, support staff, and customers to focus on hitting the marks for serving the truck supply chain.  This should make customer service improve all around, but also will save considerable money in administrative costs if properly integrated with other systems to make visualization easy. The article below identifies some of the extended cost savings and service improvements that can be made. 2018-01-29 09-44-07-970via How to cash in on ELDs