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Can Big Organizations Be Agile?

A nice discussion of Agile development techniques in the large corporation context.  It’s definitely the wave of the future, and all firms and enterprises need to consider it. Time to do away with the old project management mentality and get feedback from the users.

  Agile is mindset.

Source: Can Big Organizations Be Agile?

Mastering the mechanics of reason and emotion

A very good article on how emotions and rational thinking combine in decision making, and some ideas on how to make them work better together.  A Nobel prizewinning economist and a top neuroscientist discuss the topic.

mckinsey-logo  A Nobel Prize winner and a leading behavioral economist offer common sense and counterintuitive insights on performance, collaboration, and innovation.

Source: Leadership and behavior: Mastering the mechanics of reason and emotion | McKinsey & Company

Port Authority Behaving Badly

Should port authorities behave like this?  Are we in the USA a developing country?  Are favors being sold elsewhere as our ports undertake mammoth capital investment schemes?  And who is around to raise questions?  Anyone looked at the public record?

The New York Times

The airline said three executives of United Continental Airlines were leaving in connection with an investigation into whether flights were a favor from a top agency official.

Source: United C.E.O. Is Out Amid Inquiry at Port Authority – The New York Times