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Geographic gaps are widening in U.S. as economic growth increases

This is a quite interesting article on the distribution of economic development in the US.  It says we have to start doing something about the ill distribution to a few highly urbanized areas that are often based on high tech industries. 2018-01-25 13-18-03-392   via Geographic gaps are widening while U.S. economic growth increases

Lost Generation in advanced biofuels at scale

This article offers an interesting perspective and economic analysis of why ethanol fuel has not taken off despite lots of price supports.  Essentially a lot of people bet wrong about what would happen with oil.  There is a proposal for how to help the situation based on an report from the ICCT.  california-contracts-for-difference_white-paper_icct_102016

screenshot-www-biofuelsdigest-com-2016-10-19-08-28-02Source: Lost Generation: ICCT’s financing scheme to jump start advanced biofuels at scale : Biofuels Digest

Hair Cuts around the World: An empirical study into GATT and GATS

Jan Hoffman of UNCTAD, President of the IAME, has published  another hair-raising report on international trade.  I hope he will consider submitting to the IAME conference in Hamburg this summer. Perhaps a poster presentation– it is too late for a peer-reviewed paper.

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Abstract After years of hard work, I am pleased to present the results of an extensive empirical study on exports of services and related imports of goods: The Production of Hair Cuts around the Wo…

Source: Hair Cuts around the World: An empirical study into GATT and GATS – Shipping, trade logistics and development

Studies like this one and Colin Camerer’s famous report on New York taxi drivers have the potential to alter our views of conventional wisdom, macro- and micro economics about everyday economic phenomena.