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Can Big Organizations Be Agile?

A nice discussion of Agile development techniques in the large corporation context.  It’s definitely the wave of the future, and all firms and enterprises need to consider it. Time to do away with the old project management mentality and get feedback from the users.

  Agile is mindset.

Source: Can Big Organizations Be Agile?

Capturing the Business Benefits of Student-Industry Collaboration

Here’s how to run student-centered research on supply chains.  Of course they are discussing masters and PhD students.

I find the technique is powerful at all levels of higher education. Projects force students to think deeply about an actual problem, and they also allow them to be creative in how to attack them.  The professor becomes more of a coach– no preaching, but lots of encouragement, and a bit of guidance to keep the goal in mind and the project on track.

I recommend exploring how a project would fit into your class routine, especially one involving an outside client as they do at MIT.

Source: Capturing the Business Benefits of Student-Industry Collaboration

A conversation with Jerry Brown

Gov Jerry Brown speaks at the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting.