Coast Guard Seeking Maritime Workers

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Shelly Campbell from the U.S. Coast Guard Civilian Careers will be on campus this Monday and Tuesday April 5th and 6th.  She will be hosting a presentation in Peachman Auditorium Monday at 1630.  I strongly encourage all seniors looking for any shoreside job to attend.  She will be discussing what the U.S. Coast Guard Civilian Careers has to offer.  All students are invited to attend to learn more what you can do to better prepare yourselves for a career with the U.S. Coast Guard Civilian Department.

Job Description

The US Coast Guard is looking for applicants to apply for the Marine Vessel Inspector Apprentice program, GS-1801-07 (with Full Performance Potential to GS-12).  After successful completion of the 2 year apprenticeship, incumbent could potentially relocate to another duty location for permanent stationing as a career-tenured civilian.  Apprentice has immediate access to most Federal Government benefits.

– The Marine Inspector performs developmental and/or recurring assignments in support of a local or centralized inspection activity.  Inspections are usually developmental assignments designed to increase the employee’s skill and knowledge. Inspections assigned are usually to those marine vessels or systems with standard specifications and established inspection histories.
– Reviews inspection requirements for a particular class of vessel and any available previous inspection histories in preparation of assigned vessels or systems.  Normally accompanies a more senior inspector who is designated as the responsible official.
– Evaluates basic systems and vessels for compliance with straightforward specifications and requirements.
– Meets with industry/vessel representatives to discuss the inspection process.
– Performs other assignments of similar difficulty that have been selected with a view to developing advanced skills., e.g., performing fundamental inspection check list run downs;  participating with higher graded specialists in the inspection of technical or more complex items, systems or vessels.
– Coordinates inspection activities with individual vessel representatives or other Government agencies having interrelated requirements.


To qualify for a GS-7 Marine Inspector position on EDUCATION alone, you must have:
1 full year of graduate level education OR superior academic achievement (3.0+GPA or 3.5+GPA in major field).

To qualify for a GS-7 Marine Inspector position by using a combination of Education and EXPERIENCE, you must have:
At least one year of specialized experience equivalent to the GS-5 level.  Specialized Experience may include serving as an officer in training, mate, cadet or intern onboard commercial vessels, watchstanding, assisting with marine vessel inspections, etc.  Approximately 240+ days of sea time in most capacities.
AND a 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree.

LOCATIONS (1 position per location):

New York, NY
San Pedro, CA
Mobile, AL
Port Arthur, TX
Corpus Christi, TX
Texas City, TX
Houston, TX
New Orleans, LA
Morgan City, LA
Seattle, WA

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