ABS SafeNet software and modules

ABS SafeNet Introduction

Safe Net is a limited suite of products for certain specific ship needs.  It forms part of a broader suite of products handling many aspects of ship management and fleet management, which is available from their subsidiary ABS Nautical Systems (NS).

Fleet Management Solutions ABS Nautical Systems

All are built on the MySQL open source database.  SafeNet itself seems to run on a browser, whereas the Nautical Systems (NS) modules (which cost extra) are run on windows. rather than a browser.  That means in the NS modules the client PC systems probably do a lot of the business logic, rather than isolating the business logic from the user interface (the web browser). 

The whole suite would comprise part of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, specially adapted and extended for ship and fleet needs.  There is much attention to international standards record keeping, and to the survey cycle and maintenance cycles.  Portions are Inventory and Purchasing, Maintenance and Repair, Quality and Compliance, Crew management, Payroll, Voyage Mgt, Hull Maintenance.

While Safe Net itself is of great interest and utility to a ship operator, the entire suite is of interest to a shipping company or owner as well, and could be well used by both ship staff and corporate.

NS state that the system can be interfaced to a corporate ERP system.  This probably takes custom programming, which they want to sell customers.  They give some examples of interfaces they have built for customers.

It is a natural to include in our courses because MySQL is the DB system we teach in our MGT335 course.

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