MGT 400 – This Week

Your first Critical Note is due this week. I have decided to accept it Friday Oct 26 instead of Wed Oct 24.

How do you do it?


Identify a topic in the text where you do NOT AGREE with the author’s opinion.

Write a brief paper not to exceed 2 pages in which you summarize the idea or theory, and the author’s opinion yoyu don’t agree with; state why you do not agree with it; and defend your position.

You are expected to need an outside reference or two to defend your reasoning. Of course it is not good criticism to simply say you agree with a second authority. You are expected to outline the reasoning you or the authority have for your side of the argument.

Please submit by email as a .doc attachment, PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN! (spell and grammar checked, references properly cited and in the bibliography, and well written).

If you need to consult me, that is ok; I will be glad to discuss it with you.

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