ECO100 Teams and Countries

The current list is posted here.

I currently have  34 of 47 assigned to teams in Section 1, and 3 of 14 assigned to teams in Section 2.  Get your email in to me asap! You can check if you are assigned on the link above.  I will update it every few days.

Your paper for the CPI project (team) is due in just 2 weeks, and you have the whole project to do!!

It is also fine to start selecting a country for your individual paper– 2 people have done so.  Remember that New Zealand and Germany are off limits– sample papers are posted for those countries.  This individual paper is due November 14.

3 responses to “ECO100 Teams and Countries

  1. i already am in a team. im in the same team as samantha ligne and hammer.


  2. How do we find the papers from last year the ones on Germany and I think New Zealand. I have been looking but I cannot find them. Can you give us the link to them again.


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