Welcome to the Fall 2007 term. For first year students I will be the instructor for Macroeconomics (ECO100). And I am teaching a class of seniors Strategy (MGT400). I look forward to a great semester, and hope we have a lot of fun along with a good learning experience.

We are also going to start the CTL certification exam work early in the semester, and look forward to having good participation in that program.

If you need to see me, I’m on campus Monday, Wednesday, Friday, essentially all day. I’m not there Tuesday and Thursday. But you can always reach me by email! which I answer almost every day.  You can check my office hours and contact info here!

All class material will be posted on WebCT, and you can go there to get the Course Info, Schedule, and other key information about the class. Though WebCT will be the primary source, right now they are also posted at my website. You should do this before the first class!

I often post info of interest for classes here, particularly links to websites, and feeds, and also some articles. I often write messages here to the class, and send the class a link to the post. Feel free to submit comments to the material here– you don’t have to register to do it. Just come here and post a comment.  I like reading them, and always make some response.

See you in class on Wednesday 9/5/2007!

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