Supply Chain Predictions 2016

From Dan Gilmore at Supply Chain Digest. Let’s look back at the end of 2016 and see if these came true or were just fads.

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We are back with predictions for the year in supply chain from our guru panel

Source: Supply Chain Predictions from Our Guru Panel 2016

Amazon becomes Ocean Freight Forwarder

Here we see the new world of ocean shipping. the future will belong to those who figure out how to get great customer service throughout the supply chain, not just in their own little domain.  It’s just the sort of thing carrier alliances, ocean carriers, and ports ought to be working toward.

Amazon is a good example of the possibilities, because it’s not just one supply chain. Amazon actually aspires to manage many supply chains; each of its sellers and each of its sources has its own supply chain.  But it does want to control the quality of the service, or service level.  This effort is part of its campaign to set a standard for all its participating supply chains. Inc’s China arm has registered as an ocean freight forwarder, according to the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission, a move that will give it more control over shipping products from Chinese factories to U.S. shoppers.

Source: Amazon’s New Status as an Ocean Freight Forwarder – Supply Chain 24/7

Railroad Performance Measures

This website gives voluntary data from six class I railroads by quarter and year.

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Source: RPM