Trip Report – NASSTRAC 2015

The always interesting Dan Gilmore reports on the NASSTRAC conference. Note his remarks on trucking, which covers a wide spectrum of issues in that business. It seems that trucking is one of those areas in the forefront of logistics problems today.

Supply Chain News: Trip Report – NASSTRAC 2015.

A Clearer Path to LTL Carbon Footprints

LTL transport is varied and lots of aspects are difficult to quantify. And carbon footprint is one of those annoying measures that not only needs to be estimated for the truck, but also for each shipment in it.  Advances in modeling this are always welcome, and here is a new one sponsored by C. H. Robinson. It’s available free from inside the article, from CH Robinson’s website.

A Clearer Path to LTL Carbon Footprints | Supply Chain @ MIT.

More on this:  Article in Supply Chain 24/7

Big oil deposit found near London airport

Maybe there’s oil everywhere!


Big oil deposit found near London airport, but will be hard to tap.