Switch to Natural Gas Reduce Greenhouse Impact?

We have to be careful about recommending natural gas as a fuel.  There are leaks in the distribution mechanism that release more pollution than is saved by switching fuels.   Based on an article from a reputable environmental science journal, and written by research scientists from an environmental concern group.

Will Switch From Diesel Trucks to Natural Gas Reduce Greenhouse Impact? – Supply Chain 24/7.

Rotterdam’s Terminals: Fierce Competitors

The competition was visible when I visited in 2013.  And it is even more intense now.  Thanks to Ana Casaca for sharing the link.

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Drewry: Rotterdam’s Terminals to Become Fierce Competitors | World Maritime News.

Landside operations: next frontier for container-shipping

Chris Clott and I have been saying this for several years now. It is nice to see it in a consulting firm’s thinking, as this McKinsey article shows. There are a lot of interesting statistics in the piece, especially the third figure, showing that integration goes with moneymaking.

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Landside operations: The next frontier for container-shipping alliances | McKinsey & Company.