Maersk bets on Baltimore

Another example of significant supply chain revision for many shippers.  Supply chains now run through Baltimore!   How will supply chain integration improve (or not!) with this change?

Maersk bets on Baltimore with three new container services | AS Daily Newsletter | AS Daily | American Shipper.

Truck Driver Age Demographics Across Two Decades

The truck driver shortage studied in long term perspective.

Analysis of Truck Driver Age Demographics Across Two Decades – Supply Chain 24/7 Paper.

Here is the actual study.   ATA_Analysis_of_Truck_Driver_Age_Demographics

Here is a story on a similar topic by Tom Sanderson of Transplace. It is a summary of the study above with some of his views on fixes.

Aging Truck Driver Work Force – A Major Issue in Filling Demand & Empty Seats

The lonely energy projects

The lonely energy projects left behind by the clean tech revolution

A good read from Flipboard about the sea changes in solar tech.  The article is from Forbes originally, I believe.