The Break Even Cost For Shale Oil

Some more recent data and an excellent explanation of why the break even cost for shale oil is a moving target. Especially useful is the description of the horizontal drilling technique.

This explains why US shale oil production did not go down like the Saudis thought it would when recently (2015) they tried to pump more oil to capture market share from the US and others as world prices fell. It turned out to be hard to drive out shale oil producers.


screenshot-www-forbes-com-2016-12-02-11-02-03  What is the break even cost for shale oil? That depends on a number of factors, and it is a moving target.

Source: The Break Even Cost For Shale Oil

Container terminal operators can’t invest if shipping alliances squeeze prices too tight

An example of why supply chain cooperation is so hard. And the problems it will bring to customers.  Individual motives tend to supersede customer interests. Yet success will only be achieved with cooperation.

Maersk Line to acquire Hamburg Süd in cash deal worth up to $5bn – The Loadstar

It’s the usual talk we hear from participants about a merger, but this is an established and well-respected ocean carrier.

One of the most interesting comments in the story is the concentration of firms in shipping compared to a year ago– down to 13 firms from 20.  That is a big change, considering the amount of capital in a vessel owning carrier.

Source: Maersk Line to acquire Hamburg Süd in cash deal worth up to $5bn – The Loadstar