Are Americans better off than they were a decade or two ago?

A thoughtful article from Ben Bernanke and Peter Olson on a new measure of economic welfare. It comes complete with computer program, if you read the article by the authors of the key paper reviewed here.

screensavescreensavescreenshot-www-brookings-edu-2016-10-19-08-47-33Ben Bernanke and Peter Olson tackle the question using a new, more-comprehensive measure of economic well-being.

Source: Are Americans better off than they were a decade or two ago? | Brookings Institution

Lost Generation in advanced biofuels at scale

This article offers an interesting perspective and economic analysis of why ethanol fuel has not taken off despite lots of price supports.  Essentially a lot of people bet wrong about what would happen with oil.  There is a proposal for how to help the situation based on an report from the ICCT.  california-contracts-for-difference_white-paper_icct_102016

screenshot-www-biofuelsdigest-com-2016-10-19-08-28-02Source: Lost Generation: ICCT’s financing scheme to jump start advanced biofuels at scale : Biofuels Digest

2016 Ocean Cargo Roundtable: Capacity front and center – Logistics Management

An older article (February 2016), and a lot has happened since then. But the picture is still the same.

The prediction is that reliability of ocean service will go down.  Especially if you measure it end-to-end rather than simply the sea leg. And this will lose credibility for the entire industry.  To improve, ocean carriers MUST cooperate with onshore portions of customers’ supply chains, including port terminals, drayage, yards, warehouses, rail, and last mile delivery.

Our panel suggests that carrier consolidation will continue, but will be largely confined to specific trade lanes and commodity niches. In the meantime, shippers and carriers must cooperate at an unprecedented level for sustainable solutions to emerge.

Source: 2016 Ocean Cargo Roundtable: Capacity front and center – Logistics Management