International transport costs: Why and how to measure them?

A nice article from Jan Hoffman of the IAME. Clearly it’s important to measure the costs, and how to do it is a big problem, given the fractionated international transport market. COVID-19 changes make it even more problematic, and then throw in Brexit.


International transport costs: Why and how to measure them?

Port of LA will pay container terminals for efficiency gains

One way to improve throughput is to offer performance rewards to the players. The Port of LA will reward Terminal Operators for each fast turn around of a truck.

It is an interesting attempt to help truckers out. Quicker turns mean more driving time for truckers, and more loads carried. It also keeps chassis at work instead of sitting and waiting. As we know, there is a shortage of chassis at ports in the US today.

Let’s see how the reward system works. And how long the port will keep it up; as time passes, terminals may deliberately slow up to get the port to keep rewarding them. The bad performance could become ordinary, requiring rewards to go faster.

Kim Link-Wills, Senior Editor Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Port of LA will pay container terminals for efficiency gains – FreightWaves

Gartner’s strategic tech trends for 2021 turn pragmatic

Gartner thinks companies are finally starting to take security and protection of data seriously, and will focus more on the very practical improvements to operations they can make using IT. Big data, AI and other tech will play a role, but in service to other goals.

This is a good trend. For years we’ve known that cybersecurity requirements were preventing the full realization of computing’s ability to change how we work. Finally people are putting more effort into real solutions. If it works, it will be a giant step ahead.

Focusing on making sure customers and workers can mprove their productivity will also yield big benefits. If we use AI and data-driven decisions for that, and adopt the agile, experimental approach, great strides can be made.

AUTHOR Naomi Eide @NaomiEide PUBLISHED Oct. 19, 2020

Gartner’s strategic tech trends for 2021 turn pragmatic | CIO Dive