Port Resilience Project

This set of articles from MIT’s CTL on port resilience is the best I’ve seen. The blog article by Ken Cottrill at http://supplychainmit.com/2014/06/12/putting-port-resilience-on-the-risk-management-map/ highlights a couple of them.

Port Resilience Project :: References and Publications | MIT CTL.

Shipbrokers expect rush of 18,000-TEU orders

Since P3 route costs will drop, other loops afre rushing to catch up by building 14,000 and 18,000 TEU ships.  These won’t go through the Panama Canal, so I bet it’s back to the LA/LB port scenario.

Shipbrokers expect rush of 18,000-TEU orders to match P3 slot costs | Shipping Tribune.

Tweets into Pictures

Using the GPU of a PC to do keyword analysis of tweets lets you plot the use of particular words on a map!  How can this be used?

Turning Tweets into Pictures of Brand Awareness | Supply Chain @ MIT.